My Hero Academia Cosplay Costume – Anime Boku No Hero Lycra Fabric Bodysuit Cosplay Halloween Zentaisuit Outfit


My Hero Academia Cosplay Costume – Anime Boku No Hero Lycra Fabric Bodysuit Cosplay Halloween Zentaisuit Outfit

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Product Description

Become whomever you wish to be in our deluxe full-set costumes and bodysuits! Just the thing for cosplay, holidays and events! We take care to ensure character-accuracy to the highest degree, along with high-quality construction and detailing. Cosplay Life aims to provide a wide variety of costumes for the ease and convenience of our customers looking to dress up on a budget.

Professional Designs & 3D Sublimation Printing

Our suit’s unique designs are realized using a 3D sublimation printer. Colors are vibrant and won’t fade. Highlights and shading assist in turning you into the character of your choosing!

Our bodysuits are made of a premium blend of spandex and polyester, cut and sewn with both a serger and necessary hand-stitching. This silky smooth material provides a 4-way stretch that allows you to move about and pose comfortably in your costume, creating a flattering appearance over a variety of body types! Creators can rest easy that armor, accessories, and other customizations will fit comfortably outside of the suit!

Exceptional Quality & Fit

Our costumes are made from high-quality polyester and uniform materials. Detailing is stitched on carefully out of other materials such as rayon crepe and sateen, lace, velvet, mesh, and cotton. Any accessories such as neckwear, headwear, or props will come complete in the same packaging.

Because of the meticulous detail of our costumes, we best recommend either handwashing with a gentle detergent and air-drying or dry-cleaning to upkeep the integrity of the garment. Sizing differs from each listing and it is recommended to order based on the chart provided. We look forward to costuming you for all your special occasions!

Made With Cosplayers In Mind

Whether you are attending a convention or just want to dress up as your favorite character, we offer something every cosplayer, from casual to professional!

Cosplaying has never been simpler!

Who will you become?

At Cosplay Life, we believe that whether you’re purchasing your first costume for a convention you’ve been dreaming of attending, or if you’re a veteran craftsman looking for a suitable base for your costume,

We specialize in high-quality comic, anime and video game costuming for any occasion.

Why buy from Cosplay Life?

  • Our costumes are machine washable!
  • We use 3D sublimation printing for vibrant colors that do not fade.
  • Made with 4-Way Stretch Fabric for elasticity and durability.
  • Unique designs based on your favorite superhero & anime characters!
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