720P HD Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio 7-Inch Screen Secure from Hacking No Wi-Fi


720P HD Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio 7-Inch Screen Secure from Hacking No Wi-Fi

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BONOCH 7" 720P Baby Monitor

Recommended Uses For Product: Baby Monitoring
Connectivity Technology :Wireless
Special Feature :2 Way Audio, HD Resolution, Night Vision, Hack Proof, Cry Detection

What's in the box: 1x Baby Monitor 1x 720p HD Baby Camera 2x AC Power Adapter 1x Wall Mount Shim 1x User Manual

1/Q:What's the VOX mode?
A:The screen will turn on when detecting a sudden voice or noise, like crying and shouting from the baby, and the screen will turn off automatically when the room is quiet for saving battery. There are 3 levels of sound sensitivity to choose from.

2/Q:How to turn on multiple cameras scan mode?
A:When 2+ cameras are connected, press the "OK" for 3s, "Scan mode on" displays on the screen, and the loop logo of the camera appears at the top of the screen. The monitor will loop real-time video from up to 4 cameras in split-screen mode every 30s.

3/Q:What is the longest connection distance?
A:The connection stability depends on the obstacles between the parent unit and the child unit. The max range of 1000ft is proven in open space, so it may vary on different house structures and wall thickness.

4/Q:How to do when the monitor can not turn on?
A:1) Fully charge the monitor for 3-4 hours. Then, long-press the Power button to observe whether it can be turned on.
2) If it's still off, use something small to click the "reset" button which is on the back of the monitor.

  • 【Exceptional Clarity】- Featuring a 7-inch 720p HD screen, our baby monitor provides an incredibly clear view, offering 10 times more detail and 3.3 times more display area compared to standard 3.5-inch 240p LCD baby monitors. You'll never miss a single moment with your baby, as our camera and audio baby monitor ensures a vivid and crisp view of your little one. (*Note: Remove the scratch-resistant protective film before use.)
  • 【Worry-Free Around the Clock】- Bid farewell to concerns about missing your baby's actions with the bonoch baby monitor! Our automatic night vision ensures crisp black-and-white images, even in complete darkness, without any red lights that might disturb your baby. With a 6000mAh battery, you'll enjoy 22 hours of monitoring in VOX mode. And even if you choose to keep the display always on to watch over your baby, it can still provide you with 10 hours of continuous service.
  • 【Maintain a Connection with Your Baby】-Activate the VOX mode, and you'll receive instant sound alerts with the screen automatically lighting up when your baby cries or becomes restless. You can play lullabies or communicate with your baby through the screen, ensuring you're there when your baby needs you. Temperature detection keeps you informed about your baby's comfort. With bonoch, enjoy peace of mind and ensure your baby's security, whether you're in another room or occupied with other tasks
  • 【Comprehensive Room Surveillance】- Monitor your baby's activity from any location in your home using our baby monitor. The baby camera lens offers a 355° pan and 115° tilt to cover every corner of the room, and the 4x zoom feature allows for a closer view. You won't miss a thing, even if your baby ventures outside the crib. Experience a clear and steady live stream with wireless coverage and capture those precious moments of your baby's growth!
  • 【Without Wi-Fi, Ensuring Security and Trustworthiness】- Our 2.4GHz FHSS connection technology guarantees a secure and exclusive live stream meant solely for you, safeguarding your privacy and your family's. No Wi-Fi, APP downloads, or account setups are needed. Furthermore, you'll receive a one-year warranty and lifelong technical support from our accommodating customer service team.
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