RC Mini Drone with Camera for Kids Adults 4K Quadcopter FPV Video HD Camera Drones for Beginners


RC Mini Drone with Camera for Kids Adults 4K Quadcopter FPV Video HD Camera Drones for Beginners

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  1. Before using the drone, especially beginners, please read the instructions and APP installation guide included in the package to prevent incorrect operation;
  2. The initial mode of power on is the default: Camera Mode, so please let the direction of front camera and the direction of the remote control must be the same, that is, the same direction as your eyes, otherwise when the remote control makes the drone fly forward, the direction of the remote control and the direction of the drone flight is the opposite;
  3. If the drone is falling while you make left control stick of the remote control goes up, it means that your drone is in low battery warning and needs to be charged or replaced with a spare battery;
  4. Please do not use the drone under the environment of tall buildings, lush jungles, crowded crowds, we recommend an open environment where the drone's functions can be better utilized;
  5. Please minimize the use of this drone in rainy and windy weather to prevent missing; (The body of this drone is designed to be lightweight, weight 100g / 0.22 Pounds / 3.52 ounces);
  6. The UV rays in the sun will hinder the obstacle avoidance function of the drone, therefore, the obstacle avoidance function is not suitable for use in the sun, but can be used at night.
  7. For your safety and the safety of others, please install the propeller guard of the drone before using the drone.

Know More about PLUSBRAVO Drones


Obstacle avoidance head all-round sensing obstacle avoidance, the front, back, left and right direction of the drone sensing obstacles, even in the forest grass, dense buildings, night flight can be intelligent obstacle avoidance, to provide protection for your flight.


Camera drone's front camera adjusted ( can be adjusted by the remote controller ) within 90°and 720P bottom camera helps capture more wider view.


One-button takeoff and one-button gyroscope calibration, designed for beginners, even just 8-year-old children can easily use the remote control to operate.


A single battery can be used for 16 minutes after fully charged, and the use of dual batteries extends the flight to 32 minutes! There is no doubt that it is a great value for a simple drone!


When your finger is the victory sign: take a photo, when you open your palm: the camera will start recording video, let's enjoy HD real-time visuals in real time!


When your drone is flying, the drone will intelligently follow the direction of your mobile smartphone, ascending/descending/turning left/right, etc., which makes flying easier and more fun


WIFI and APP control to take meaningful photos and videos, advanced FPV transmission tech can share on Goggles, YouTube, Facebook.

  • 【DUAL CAMERAS & FPV REAL-TIME TRANSMISSION】 -- Drone with 1080P front camera adjusted (by remote controller) within 90°and 720P bottom camera helps capture more wider view; WIFI and APP control to take meaningful photos and videos, enjoy high-definition in real time visual effects, ✈advanced FPV transmission tech can share on Goggles, YouTube, Facebook. Whether on deserted desert, beaches and grasslands, or capturing the details of a fun gathering of friends, our Drone can handle it with ease; ✈
  • 【COOL LIGHTS AND OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE SYSTEM】The cool light design is especially suitable for flying in the dark and helps you find the landing spot quickly; The newly upgraded obstacle avoidance system makes the drone avoid glass doors, windows, trees, walls intelligently during the flight, to make the flight smoother. Note: The obstacle avoidance system does not work in sunlight, because the UV rays prevent the obstacle avoidance system from playing;
  • 【INTELLIGENT OPTICAL FLOW POSITIONING & SAFE RELIABLE BATTERY】-- Dual hover height positioning, automatic and stable adjustment after takeoff, drones with camera for adults 4k ensure clearer photograph and greatly reduce camera shake; 35 minutes flight time after full charge: 16 minutes with an upgraded modular battery, and a spare ones will extend your flight time to 32-35 minutes, it is amazing. Additionally, modular batteries are designed for easier installation and greater safety;
  • 【COOL IDEAL GIFT FOR ALL AGES】-- Simple one-button takeoff and landing especially for beginners -- APP installation manual + User manual means accurate instructions for the function and use of this drone. ✈ Just add to cart now and give your friends, partner, son, grandson as a cool idea gift and tech Gifts for Men. The small drone with camera is also drones for kids 8-12 with camera, boys toys 10-12 years old and 12 year old boy gifts. (Although 14+ recommended on package) ; ✈
  • 【EXCELLENT WARRANTY SERVICE】-- If you have any questions about the drone/APP/remote control or other any accessories, Don't hesitate to contact us in your order or the account center for after-sales service, you will get 24-hour technical support, 30-day no-reason money-back and 24-month quality issue warranty. ✈ For the first use, please try it in a wide space. ✈
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