Self-Assembly Acrylic Display Case,Deluxe Dustproof Showcase,Display Cases for Collectibles for Pop Figures Toy Collectibles,Need Remove Protective Film(13.5X6X10.6 Inch; 34X15X27Cm)


Self-Assembly Acrylic Display Case,Deluxe Dustproof Showcase,Display Cases for Collectibles for Pop Figures Toy Collectibles,Need Remove Protective Film(13.5X6X10.6 Inch; 34X15X27Cm)

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  • Acrylic
  • 【High Transparency】: Our display case are made of high-quality acrylic and are the perfect complement to business displays or household items. Protect and show off your favorite collections such as figurines, models, and more. It is ideal for displaying figurines, jewellery, collectibles, glassware and so on.
  • 【Easy Assembly】: You DON’T need to worry the assembly process, it’s an easy job for everybody,you can build a display case by yourself without any doubts. Because User Manual comes with the product .
  • 【Advanced Materials】: Acrylic / Crystal Clear Polystyrene. Multiple sizes to choose.The 6 panels are assembled by you. It is easy to remove and store for display. Easy to assemble without glue or screws
  • 【Dustproof Design & Solid】: The acrylic was cut by precise laser machine, all sizes are perfect match with each other, the assembly gap is minimized, it will protect your product from dust & corrosion.
  • 【Good service 】: The acrylic display case is fragile. If the product you received is damaged during transportation, please contact us and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Product Description

The Advantages of Acrylic Display Box:

1.Weather Resistant - retain color, no discoloration.

2.Lighter than Glass – 50% less than glass, easy to handle.

3.Impact Resistant – under high impact it won’t shatter.

4.Highly Transparent - optical clarity and doesn't yellow with age, remaining transparent, no distortion.

Provides a great way to protect your item as a center piece on a desk, coffee table, or dining room table.

Great for items displayed in a corner or against a wall. Provides a rich reflection of your keepsake which adds depth and compliments the entire room in which it is placed.

Protective Film at Acrylic box

Material: Clear Acrylic Plastic

Color: Transparent

  • Easy to Assemble – few steps to build a acrylic box
  • Reliable and Sturdy – innovative structure, no glue and fix by rubber ring
  • Well Protection – protective films at double side
  • Design of Mortise and Tenon Structure

Acrylic display cases for collectibles

Available Inside Size (Long x Deep x High):

1. 6x6x6 inch; [5.75x5.75x5.75 inch]

2. 10x4x5.7 inch; [9.75x3.75x5.4 inch]

3. 10x6x6 inch; [9.75x5.75x5.75 inch]

4. 10x6x7 inch; [9.75x5.75x6.75 inch]

5. 9.5x8x8 inch; [9.2x7.75x7.75 inch]

6. 10x10x12 inch; [9.75x9.75x11.75 inch]

7. 13.75x6.25x10.8 inch; [13.5x6x10.6 inch]

8. 12x12x12 inch; [11.8x11.8x11.8 inch]

  • Package list:
  • 1x Clear acrylic display case (need to assemble)
  • 1* Cleaning Cloth
  • 1* White tool (Ripping the protective film on the acrylic surface)
  • 1*Assembly instructions

Clear Acrylic Display Case

Clear Acrylic Display Case

We chose the best acrylic material to make display case, 95% transmittance which can show your collectibles more clearer. Our innovative construction provides a 360° view to you.

Easy to assemble

We have a Assembly instructions comes with the product which provides enough information to you for assembling.

Great for items display

The display case was made from high density Acrylic , it’s compatible with any displaying objects (awards,doll,figure,toys, model cars, figurines, jewelry, collectibles, etc.), it provides great contrast to the items displayed, without interruption and reflecting spots to your displaying product.

How to assemble the acrylic box quickly and easily?

1.Remove the films

Tear off the protective film on both sides of each board by fingernail or tool before install

2.Assemble the four sides

Pls assemble acrylic panels of every sides and support by hand to avoid falling .

3.Matters needing attention

If one panel loose/difficult to puth together,pls flipped the panels on its reverse end and reconnected.


Put your favorite collectibles in. Then the installed roof are covered on the bottom plate.

Material Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
Remove Protective Film
Material Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
Remove Protective Film
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